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Large Award in Amputation Suit

A man from Walnut, Iowa who had his leg amputated in 2012 has been awarded $90,000 in a medical malpractice suit last Thursday.

Court records indicate that Tony Bailey had been seeking damages from Jennie Edmundson Hospital, Emergency Physicians of Western Iowa and Dr. Steven Feldhaus of Heart, Lung and Vascular Surgery after Bailey had gone to Jennie Edmundson with severe pain in his lower left leg in January of 2012.

Bailey was treated at the emergency room, and then Feldhaus performed surgery. Complications arose, and his leg was amputated below the knee in March 2012.

The seven-person jury found Feldhaus and Heart, Lung and Vascular Surgery negligent in Bailey’s care. The jury however, did not find Jennie Edmundson or Emergency Physicians of Western Iowa at fault in the case.

Bailey was awarded $22,500 for past loss of full mind and body, $22,500 for future loss of full mind and body, $22,500 for past pain and suffering and $22,500 for future pain and suffering by the jury.

Bailey’s wife, Debra, also sued for the loss of spousal consortium related to her husband’s injuries. The jury found for the defendant in Mrs. Bailey’s suit.

An amputation is always to be considered a radical form of treatment in any medical case. Though sometimes it is required, sometimes mistakes can be made. Of course, patients are right to expect excellence from their doctors and other healthcare professionals. Health care providers such as doctors and nurses are held to a set of standards just as any other professional is. Every patient should receive the best care possible. When that level of care is not provided to patients, that is when the services of an experienced malpractice attorney are essential.

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