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Illinois Man Appeals Medical Malpractice Ruling

A Rockford man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit eight years ago, claiming that former doctor LaDonna Waugh and Mercy Harvard Hospital were negligent in taking care of his post-operative complications.

According to court records and media reports, Robert Kantner underwent weight loss surgery in 2006. After the surgery, his blood pressure dropped into the 60s. Waugh failed to treat this drop in blood pressure promptly or correctly, and she was eventually taken off of Kantner’s case.

As a result of the negligence, Waugh was terminated from the hospital and Kantner filed a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit progressed for years before one of Kantner’s lawyers began to experience personal issues. Kantner says that he was advised by a judge that he could, and should, withdraw his case and refile at a later date when his attorney would be able to concentrate on his case.

When Kantner withdrew and then refiled his case in 2015, the hospital’s attorneys argued that it was not legal for him to do so. Judge Thomas Meyer of the 22nd Circuit Court agreed and did not allow the refiling. Kantner has appealed this ruling in the Second District Appellate Court.

It is expected to take a year or more for Kantner’s case to make its way through the appellate court.

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