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Foot Pain Leads to Malpractice Claim

A patient in Cook County has filed a lawsuit against a podiatrist, alleging that the physician chose the wrong course of treatment, causing the man to suffer persistent pain and limited mobility as a result.

According to documents filed in Cook County District Court that were filed on January 5th, Robert Ford-Reynolds, the plaintiff in the case, claims medical malpractice against Dr. Charlotte M. Covello, as an individual and as an agent of Pam Eernisse DPM S.C., doing business as Michigan Avenue Podiatry.

The plaintiff in the case alleges that in October 2007, Dr. Covello surgically implanted replacement joints in both of Ford-Reynolds’ feet in order to treat his flat-foot pain. The suit further states that the implants had to be removed in 2014 because they had loosened and became painful.

The legal complaint further asserts that since Dr. Covello failed to replace the implants with another mechanism to stabilize Ford-Reynolds’ foot and ankle, he has been left with persistent bilateral foot pain and limited mobility. The plaintiff alleges that joint replacement is not advised for degenerative disease, which allegedly was the cause of his initial complaint of foot pain.

The plaintiff is asking for a trial by jury and seeks damages of more than $50,000, plus litigation costs.
Anyone can make a mistake, even those in the medical profession. When a doctor or surgeon or other medical professional does make such a mistake, it can cause changes to the lives of patients and to their families. Those changes are often irreversible and can affect their quality of life as well. In such cases of medical mistakes or misdiagnosis, it is important to have an attorney that is experienced in malpractice law and is also dedicated to the rights of patients and their families is essential.

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