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Articles Posted in Medical Malpractice


Ways to Protect Yourself from Medical Error

It stands to reason that anyone visiting a doctor’s office or hospital expects to be treated with a certain standard of care. People assume that doctors and nurses know how to perform their jobs competently, and that they will receive accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Unfortunately, people are harmed by…


Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Medical Malpractice Case

If you are like millions of people around the world, you have at least one social media account. The most popular account with which to share your information is, hands down, Facebook. Imagine that you are injured due to a doctor’s negligence. You file a medical malpractice lawsuit to seek…


Illinois Man Appeals Medical Malpractice Ruling

A Rockford man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit eight years ago, claiming that former doctor LaDonna Waugh and Mercy Harvard Hospital were negligent in taking care of his post-operative complications. According to court records and media reports, Robert Kantner underwent weight loss surgery in 2006. After the surgery, his blood…