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Antibiotics Prescribed at Unnecessary Rates

Many patients believe that antibiotics are the cure for all. This misconception may be due, in part, to the rate at which they are frequently prescribed. In a recent study, researchers found that antibiotics were prescribed in millions of cases for which they were not indicated. Whether or not this could be considered a form of medical malpractice is up to the courts to decide. Is a doctor considered negligent if they hand out a prescription for amoxicillin when it isn’t indicated even though amoxicillin is not considered dangerous? Maybe.

While antibiotics are not inherently dangerous, they are being prescribed at such a rate that diseases are becoming resistant to them. This resistance is now being considered one of the biggest health threats of our time. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

They Don’t Fight It All

Antibiotics do not fight infections that are caused by viruses. These include bronchitis, sore throats, colds and flu. It also includes many types of sinus and ear infections. For viral infections, the best “cure” is often the relief of symptoms. Viruses tend to run their course on their own.

Don’t Push For Them

If your doctor is hesitant to prescribe antibiotics for what ails you, don’t push. There is a reason that your doctor is hesitant. If you don’t understand why you aren’t getting an antibiotic when you think you should, speak up and ask questions. Whatever you do, don’t demand them. Try to remember that your doctor has your current and future health in mind when treating you.

If You Get Sick

If you come down with a viral infection, there are things you can do. Drink plenty of fluids, get enough rest, use throat lozenges, run a cool-mist vaporizer in your home, or even use a saline nasal spray to relieve your congestion. Try an over-the-counter remedy to relieve some of the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you believe that you have been prescribed any medication that was unnecessary or that you have been harmed by a medical professional, call our office. Our team of medical malpractice attorneys is here for you. We will provide you with a free case evaluation and advise you of the options available to you. Call now.

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