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Wrong Procedures Completed in Massachusetts

It stands to reason that when you go to the doctor or a hospital for treatment you are going to have the correct surgery. Unfortunately for 14 people in Massachusetts, that isn’t how things turned out.

According to reports, 14 separate patients received the wrong procedures at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Here are some examples.

A patient was given a CT scan that detected cancer. Two months later, a biopsy did not confirm the results of the original scan. A second biopsy was ordered and cancer was still not detected by a CT scan given before the biopsy. Doctors were surprised until it was discovered that the patient receiving the biopsies was not the same one who had undergone the original test.

A person received a certified letter that contained test results for another patient. Yet another patient had Xrays that were intended for someone else.

Because of the findings, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have threatened to remove the hospital, albeit temporarily, from the federal Medicare program.

Inspectors of UMass Memorial and Saint Vincent fault medical professionals for not taking steps quickly enough to prevent future errors. It is said that approximately 30 to 40 wrong procedures, either tests or surgeries, occur every year across the country. There are more errors, but many of these are caught before anyone is harmed.

No one should enter a hospital or clinic and walk out with an incorrect diagnosis or one intended for someone else. No one should undergo a risky surgery that is unnecessary. UMass has put procedures in place to reduce their instance of error, including new leadership.

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