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Woman Sues Doctor After Becoming Pregnant

Lori Cichewicz, a woman in Michigan, was told nearly a decade ago that if she had children, they would be born with Down Syndrome. Cichewicz elected to undergo a permanent birth control procedure to eliminate her chances of becoming pregnant. In 2011, Cichewicz gave birth to her daughter.

Fox News reported that Cichewicz had her fallopian tubes blocked in the 2008 procedure and that her doctor eventually told her she no longer needed to use birth control. Just three years later, Reagan was born. Reagan has Down Syndrome and Cichewicz is suing her doctor.

It is not that Reagan was born with Down Syndrome that has Cichewicz seeking damages. Instead, it is because she never wanted children to begin with and did what she was told was necessary to prevent pregnancy. She wants her doctor held accountable and is also seeking damages for emotional distress.

The Michigan Appeals Court ruled that Cichewicz could not seek compensation related to the costs of raising a child with Down Syndrome. They did rule that she may seek compensation for the unplanned pregnancy.

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