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Woman Sues California Hospital for Medical Malpractice

A man’s death in 2005 is the subject of a lawsuit filed by his family against Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. The man’s daughter is accusing the hospital of medical malpractice in that they misdiagnosed and failed to treat her father appropriately, leading to his death. She is suing the hospital for damages linked to her father’s suffering as well as mental anguish on her part.

According to reports, Marie Leone’s father, Mario Leone, sought medical assistance for symptoms of an infection. He was misdiagnosed by Dr. Carl Watanabe and had to seek treatment at Alta Bates. The staff at the hospital also failed to diagnose her father properly.

Leone was denied treatment at Alta Bates’ emergency room for over eight hours. He was ultimately admitted but not diagnosed correctly until he had entered sepsis. The complaint alleges that Mario Leone died a painful death on January 13, 2005 because of a failure to diagnose and lack of treatment.

Lawyers for Marie Leone allege that the medical misdiagnosis breaches the accepted standard of care. Because Mario Leone passed away, Marie has been denied the care and support of her father, leading to mental anguish.

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