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Trump Trusts Oz, But Should You?

Donald Trump is in the news frequently these days. From the things he says to the things he does, he is fodder for the evening reports. Recently, he sat down with Dr. Mehmet Oz and discussed his medical reports. Trump seems to trust the celebrity doctor, but should you?

Currently, Oz serves as the big boss of Columbia University’s integrative medical center. In 2015, a group of doctors that included professionals from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Stanford University said that he should be let go. They pointed out that “members of the public are being misled and endangered.” This statement was in response to Oz’s reported disdain for evidence-based medicine.

Long before the presidential candidate, Oz has been scrutinized. In 2014, BMJ published an analysis of things that had been suggested on Oz’s popular medical advice show. They found that less than half of his advice was supported by any type of scientific or medical evidence.

In the same year, Oz sat before members of congress who questioned him for promoting questionable weight loss supplements. In 2011, Oz stated on his show that some apple juice contained high levels of arsenic. The FDA fired back, stating that there own analysis did not support his findings.

The doctor who hired Oz in 1986, Dr. Eric Rose, has said that he believes Oz is a good surgeon but has turned into an entertainer. Rose has gone on record as saying that he would no longer recommend that patients see Oz.

The moral of this story is to take what you hear from Dr. Oz with a grain of salt. While some of what you see and hear on his show may be accurate, much may not be. Watching the Dr. Oz show and taking it as verbatim could be dangerous to your health. Always speak to your own physician and conduct a fair amount of research before deciding if what you hear on the show is valid.

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