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Toddler Who Suffers With TBI Gets New Wheels

It’s not often that news of birth injury turns out to have a happy ending and rightly so. A birth injury can result in a lifetime of medical needs and a requirement for care. Even a single positive note in the life of a child dealing with a birth injury is newsworthy, and that was recently the case in Nebraska.

Carter Brown did not have the best start to life. During the first 15 minutes of his life in this world, he required oxygen so that his brain could survive and so could he. CPR was also necessary to aid the little infant. Almost immediately after his birth, Carter was diagnosed with a brain injury and, at 16 months old, he is now limited in his ability to be mobile.

He has been undergoing rehabilitation therapy at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. The road has been challenging, and his parents credit the hospital with much of the progress their son has made. Carter is still not able to sit, stand or crawl on his own, but he can take bites of food by himself and open his hand to hold onto his parents’.

The night before Carter turned 16-months old, he was given a surprise: A new ride. An employee of the hospital, Chase Pfeifer, worked with a UNL student, Heidi Kratzer, to outfit a toy Jeep with an adapted steering wheel, a harnessed seat, and a remote control throttle and steering mechanism. Carter’s dad Chris can control the Jeep with the remote control to assist his son.

The Jeep was modified with the aid of a 3D printer and is even outfitted with a big green button that Carter can use to make it go faster. Carter’s mom, Katy, said seeing her son smile was an amazing experience.

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