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Seattle Surgeon Sued Over Bone Cement

Two women died on the operating table at Harborview Medical Center in Washington state. Their families are suing the surgeon and the hospital itself, claiming medical malpractice.

According to reports that have been released, Reba Golden was building an addition on her home in Honduras. She fell two floors to the ground, hurting her back in the accident. She returned to Seattle to undergo spinal surgery in 2007. During the surgery, she suffered with blood clots and bleeding and did not make it off of the table.

A second patient, Joan Bryant, had been involved in a car accident in 1990. Some 19 years later, she sought relief from a spinal surgeon in Seattle. She, too, never made it off of the table. She bled out before the surgery was completed.

Three spinal surgery patients before them suffered the same fate. All died because a surgeon injected bone cement into their spine. Some of that cement leaked into their bloodstreams, causing substantial clotting. None of the patients had been told that the cement being used was not approved for use in the spine by the FDA.

Accusers say that what the surgeon did amounts to human experimentation in an effort to circumvent a lengthy regulatory process.

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