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Rock Guitarist Struggles after Surgeries

Suffering from medical malpractice is more than just about getting recompense for pain and suffering. It can prevent people from going to work. When an injured person is unable to get income it can cause a cascading effect that can threaten homes, families, and relationships.

A famous rock musician in Riverside is experiencing this first hand. Terry Corso is the frontman for the band Alien Ant Farm. The band achieved popularity a few years ago for their cover of the song Smooth Criminal.

In 2010, Corso went to the hospital for diverticulitis, a very dangerous and painful condition. After the surgery, problems continued. It was eventually discovered that a piece of gauze was left in his body and he underwent additional surgeries. By the time everything was finished, his entire colon had to be removed and he still had problems with perforations. For the last two years he has lived with open wounds.

The constant surgeries and recovery have delayed the band’s new album for years, causing him and his band to lose exposure and their fan base. It has also put a strain on Corso’s marriage. Now he is suing the original hospital in order to get recompense for what has happened to him. Luckily, his new doctors appear to have a handle on fixing the remaining issues.

Recovery from surgery can take months or even years, but when recovery is complicated by a medical error then you should speak with a malpractice attorney about whether a suit might be necessary. If you live in the New York area, speak with Bottar Leone for a consultation about your situation. We have helped many people get the justice they need. Call today.