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Pro Wrestler Claims Pressure to Drop Complaint

When people are injured at work, they have an assumption that their employer will make good on the injury. Worker’s compensation kicks into gear and medical costs are covered. When people visit a doctor after an injury, they reasonably expect that injury to be taken care of properly. When these things don’t occur, a person has the legal option to file a lawsuit.

The WWE is a world-famous wrestling franchise. It’s athletes are well known and as famous as any other celebrities. The wrestlers, by their own admission, make great deals of money to entertain the masses while doing what they love. Why, then, are some so bitter? Ryback is just one of the athletes who are shedding light on what happens behind the scenes at the WWE. When the cameras are off, people may be surprised at what has been taking place.

According to Ryback, a botched ankle repair threatened to end his career. Filing a lawsuit seemed to be a good option, but that, too, threatened his career. Here is what happened.

Ryback received a phone call from then Vice President of Talent Relations, Jane Geddes. During that phone call, she asked Ryback to drop his lawsuit against Dr. Herscovici, the medical professional who had made mistakes with Ryback’s ankle surgery. Geddes threatened the continuation of Ryback’s career, though in a not so blunt manner. Ryback made the decision to drop the lawsuit.

Following his allowing the statute of limitations to expire on his suit, Ryback was assigned seven straight losses. His skyrocketing career with the WWE was tarnished and he is now living in pain. Ryback admittedly regrets following through with his right to file a lawsuit, though there is nothing he can do about it now.

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