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Podiatrists Sued in Malpractice Case

An Illinois couple from Cook County has filed a malpractice suit against a podiatrist and a healthcare center alleging wrongful treatment.

According to court documents, Jadwiga Opiela and Marian Zak filed their lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court earlier this month against Dr. Vadim Goshko and European Foot and Ankle Surgical Care, alleging negligence.

The complaint alleges that in July 2014, Goshko practiced careless judgment while performing procedure involving a bilateral partial plantar fasciotomy to Opiela’s right foot after Opiela had complained of bilateral heel pain on a previous visit to the center.

After the procedure, Opiela experienced great pain in her lower right extremity and was taken to St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates where she was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and later plantar neuropathy after undergoing an NCV and EMG to her right foot.

Opiela and Zak claim that Goshko and European Foot and Ankle had been negligent by failing to correctly diagnose Opiela’s condition.

The couple are seeking more than $50,000 in damages as well as court costs.

Everyone expects their doctor and healthcare provider to give a level of service that is an expected level of care and know how to properly diagnose their condition.

Sometimes, however, things can go wrong, and doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can give an incorrect assessment and diagnosis, making the situation worse. In such a case, that’s the time you want an attorney who specializes in malpractice or medical negligence law.

If you or a loved one believes they have suffered as a result of medical malpractice or medical negligence, contact the law offices of Bottar Leone, PLLC today. We will take the time to carefully evaluate your claim. One of our attorneys can then begin the process of getting you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation and legal analysis.