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Plaintiff Claims Sexual Assault in Malpractice Case

A former patient who was treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is accusing the hospital of medical negligence in a lawsuit.

The plaintiff in the suit claims that she was sexually assaulted last year by a certified nursing assistant after she undergone a surgery at the hospital.

The unnamed plaintiff alleges that the hospital had failed to adequately respond to her complaint of sexual assaults involving the same employee that date back more than a decade.

The plaintiff also claims that Cedars-Sinai never interviewed her nor did they make any effort to investigate after she reported the assault to the hospital on June 13th.

The woman claims that she had made repeated attempts to speak to someone at the hospital until she was finally informed that the employee who had allegedly assaulted her had been fired. She was told if she wanted to make further complaint, she should report it to the police.

The lawsuit accuses the hospital of dependent adult abuse as well as medical malpractice. Guillermo Diaz, a certified nurse’s assistant is accused of sexually assaulting the former patient. Diaz’ certification was revoked by the state after reports of sexual abuse were received by the State Department of Public Health.

Accusing a physician or healthcare facility or their employees of malpractice or medical negligence is a very serious allegation. It’s a reasonable expectation that a patient should receive a certain standard of care without concerns of assault.

When things do go wrong, no matter what the circumstances are, such cases require an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to know how to best represent clients in the complex area of malpractice and medical negligence law.

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