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Ohio Nurse Sues Former Employer Over Safety Procedures

Kimberly Jeffery-Wolfert is suing her former employer, UC Health, stating that her old bosses did not follow acceptable safety protocols. The former nurse further alleges that the actions, or lack of actions, on the part of the hospital put patients at risk.

Wolfert worked for the healthcare system as an infection preventionist. Part of her duties were overseeing disinfection and sterilization procedures. As part of those duties, Wolfert conducted an investigation to undercover the cause of a multi-drug resistant bacteria that was discovered in various intensive care units at UC Health. Wolfert says that she was told to collect data and nothing else.

According to the former UC Health nurse, hundreds of patients may have been infected. After she discovered that the source of the bacteria were contaminated bronchial scopes, the manufacturer provided cleaning and maintenance procedures to the hospital. UC Health chose not to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, according to Wolfert.

Wolfert says that she was treated as an alarmist and that her work environment became increasingly hostile. She felt as though she were forced out of her position, but she refuses to stay silent.

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