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Not All Malpractice Suits Result in Awards

Sometimes the medical outcome for a patient can cause them to seek damages for the treatment they received. That is what happened when Lisa Menschik brought a malpractice suit against her doctors, Jose Alvarez, M.D., Brent Peterson, D.O., and David Kropf, M.D. after a surgery that left her an invalid. In her suit, Menschik was seeking an amount between $7.9 million and $9.9 million in damages.

The jury made up of four men and eight women took about an hour to deliberate after having heard eight days of testimony decided that Menschik would get zero dollars.


Ten of the 12 jurors voted in favor of the doctors. However, since this was a civil case, which only requires a decision by nine jurors, having a 10-2 verdict was an acceptable in the eyes of the court.

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