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New Zealand Doctor Accused of Negligence

A doctor in Auckland, New Zealand has been accused of negligence after having ignored the advice of his colleagues and ultimately causing the death of an unborn baby.

According to reports, a mother expecting her fifth child entered the North Shore Hospital after her water broke. The woman was deemed to be high risk due to her age. When a cardiotocograph recorded a low heart rate in the infant, her doctor was called into the room.

The charge says that the baby was suffering from prolonged bradycardia, and the doctor should have prepared the mother for an emergency delivery. Instead, the doctor failed to recognized the situation and waited for nearly one half hour before ordering an emergency caesarean section. The child was eventually delivered stillborn.

In his defense, the doctor says that he was in consultation with the midwife throughout the day, including while the  mother was in the hospital. The midwife denies this, claiming that she only spoke to the doctor one time at the hospital. It is alleged that the doctor did not speak to the mother or father at all during the incident.

A colleague advised the doctor of the necessity of an emergency delivery, and the doctor refused, insisting on more tests. By the time the tests results were returned, it was too late for the baby.

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