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New Jersey Woman Wins $9 Million Settlement

A woman from Newark, New Jersey was recently awarded a $9 million settlement. According to The NY Post, it is the largest payout made by Health and Hospitals Corp. in the last fiscal year.

According to reports, Ebony Curry, a woman with autism, fell down a flight of stairs in 2011. She was taken to Kings County Hospital, but doctors failed to diagnose her injury. She was sent home after only being in the ER for five hours. After Curry was sent home, a radiologist noticed her spinal injury on an X-ray but did not notify the woman or her family. Curry had emergency surgery at a different hospital but is a quadriplegic today.

When it comes to Health and Hospitals Corporation, they settled more than 200 lawsuits last year. The total payout? $124 million. While the $9 million may help the woman hire the caregivers she needs, it certainly is nothing compared to having complete mobility.

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