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Mother Takes on Medical Malpractice Legalities

A mother in Pasco County, Florida is taking on the law, and not in a way that you may think. The woman has not been arrested. She is not a criminal. What she is is a grieving mother who has lost her son and is finding that she has very little recourse, if any.

According to reports, Javier Roldan, 33, was born with spina bifida. Roldan broke his leg in February and went to a Pinellas County hospital for treatment. Just six short days later, Roldan was dead. The man’s mother, Jeanette Gonzalez, says that doctors did not listen to her.

Roldan apparently became ill in the hospital. Gonzalez pointed out her concerns to doctors, but those concerns fell on deaf ears. While someone in another state may be able to file a suit for malpractice, Gonzalez cannot. Why? Because of Florida’s Wrongful Death Act.

The act says that a person who is single and without dependents under the age of 25 cannot be a victim of medical malpractice. Gonzalez’s lawyer says that this law alienates an entire group of people unfairly, and she plans to fight the law in court.

Attorney Nicolette Nicoletti is working pro bono to ensure that the United States Constitution is not violated in the state of Florida.

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