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Jury Finds Doctors Not Negligent in COPD Case

When a loved one is at the end of their life, it can be very difficult to determine whether a doctor’s actions are malpractice, or if the patient is only suffering through the inevitable despite the effort of the doctor. Cases like these without a clear-cut answer can end up in a jury trial where either side can win.

According to a report in the Sun Journal, a jury found one malpractice case in favor of the defendants. They said the defendants were not negligent in their treatment of an 84-year-old man who died three hours after being discharged from a hospital.

The complaint claimed that the doctors did not check the man for pneumonia and made medication errors. The complain also alleged that the man was treated for COPD that didn’t exist, but the defendants were able to produce medical records that said he did have it. Expert witnesses from both sides gave claims as to the appropriate dosages for the medications the patient was taking. Witnesses from the defense also said that the doctor met and exceeded the standard of care.

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