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Inmate Has Kidney Removed and Files Lawsuit

An inmate at a state prison in Wilsonville, Oregon has filed a lawsuit against the sate, claiming that she was improperly treated for a kidney stone and, as a result, had to have a kidney removed.

Linda Anne Bond, 62, filed the medical malpractice suit, alleging negligence on the part of the medical professionals at the prison in which she is an inmate.

According to reports, while jailed in Douglas County, Bond complained of intense pain in her abdomen. Medical staff reviewed X-ray images of Bond and found a kidney stone in her left kidney. By the time she was transported to Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, she had severe pain, fevers and blood in her urine.

Bond alleges that the medical staff at the prison provided no treatment outside of pain medication. Her lawyer contends that the prison staff did nothing to treat Bond, going so far as to ignore her requests for treatment.

In October 2014, Bond was in such pain that a correctional officer insisted she be checked. Just a month later, Bond was diagnosed with an infection in her kidney that was so serious it required removal of her organ. Bond’s kidney was removed in December 2014.

Her lawyers say that had she have been treated properly, Bond never would have lost a kidney. Had she been a free person, Bond would have sought treatment immediately and made sure that treatment was given.

Bond remains in custody.

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