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Indiana Couple Wins More than $4 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

Close to 10 years ago, a man in Indiana became paralyzed from his waist down because doctors failed to diagnose an infection. On July 15, he and his wife were awarded $4.25 million in a medical malpractice case.

In 2005, Robert Lehman went to a now-closed medical clinic, Dunlap Urgent Care Center. He had gone to the hospital to seek treatment for an injury sustained at work. The medical professionals who treated Lehman at the clinic gave him an injection and a prescription for medication and sent him back to work.

Lehman’s condition worsened despite the treatment. By the time he went back to the clinic, he was having difficulty walking. He was sent back to work again, this time with more pain medication. Lehman ultimately sought treatment at IU Health Goshen Hospital. It was there that he was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome. Left untreated for too long, the condition can cause paralysis.

A judge ruled that Dunlap Occupational Health and Urgent Care Center and Dr. Jay Schlabach, the doctor who treated Lehman during his second visit, to pay $4.25 million to Lehman and $450,000 to his wife.

Whether or not Lehman and his wife will actually see the full settlement has yet to be determined. Indiana caps its medical malpractice case awards at $1.25 million. Even though the judge in the case awarded the higher amount due to the case’s “catastrophic” nature, the state’s cap could be put into effect. The defendants may also appeal the decision.

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