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Hospital Countersues Patient

Defendants in a malpractice lawsuit, Anderson Hospital and two of its doctors, have denied any liability after a patient alleged they failed  to catch preliminary symptoms that would have predicted an eminent stroke.

The plaintiff, Mike L. Fuller filed suit against Southwestern Illinois Health Facilities Inc., doing business as Anderson Hospital Urgent Care, Dr. Laurence Yung, Dr. Haresh Motwani and Metro East Healthcare Ltd. on May 8th.

In the legal documents filed, the plaintiff alleges that he came under the care of Anderson Hospital and Dr. Yung on May 13, 2013. The plaintiff alleges that the defendants did carelessly and negligently fail to recheck his blood pressure before his being discharged from their care. The plaintiff also alleges that the defendants failed to recommend that he have a follow up appointment.

Also accused in the suit are Dr. Motwani and Metro East Healthcare for their failure to examine the plaintiff’s carotid arteries and for not ordering carotid artery imaging since the plaintiff is diabetic, hypertensive, and is a former smoker who was diagnosed as having had significant carotid artery disease.

Because of these failures on the part of the defendants, the plaintiff suffered a stroke that caused him to lose the use of his limbs, endured pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of normal life and money due to ongoing medical expenses.

Anderson Hospital Express Care has denied the allegations and has filed a counterclaim against Fuller and argues that Fuller has not suffered damages to the degree that he states that he has and allege that the injuries are the result of the plaintiff’s own negligence.

Fuller is seeking a judgement against the defendants of more than $200,000 for medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering.

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