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Doctor in Scotland Ruled as Being Negligent

According to a judge in Scotland, Dr. Olubumni Oniya did not follow proper guidelines as she monitored one of her patients almost a decade ago. As a result of her failure to monitor that patient correctly, the woman gave birth to a little girl who was ultimately diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Reports say that the unnamed woman developed health issues at 6:18 p.m., shortly before she gave birth to her daughter. Dr. Oniya has been found negligent in acting upon those health issues. The child, according to the ruling should have been delivered via emergency assisted delivery.

Lord Brailsford issued a written judgment that said Dr. Oniya did not follow “best practice guidelines” during the labor and delivery. Had the doctor have followed guidelines, the child likely would not have been born with injuries. In his written statement, Lord Brailsford said, “Having regard to all the foregoing features, I am satisfied that Dr. Oniya’s management in the period following 18:18 was negligent.”

Expectant mothers naturally worry that their children will not be born healthy. This is a normal fear that most mothers experience yet few actually have to live through. Unfortunately, due to the inexperience of this doctor, a child was born with a medical condition that she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

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