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Concord Hospital Sued for Negligence

Approximately 8 months ago, Molly Banzhoff, 13, died from a brain tumor. Now, her family has filed a lawsuit, naming Concord Hospital, three of its doctors and its affiliates for medical negligence.

In the months leading up to her death, Molly received no brain imaging despite complaining of migraines, vision problems, numbness in her tongue and nausea. Her parents say these are classic signs of a brain tumor and doctors did nothing to diagnose her accurately.

Molly was admitted into the emergency room on May 1, 2016. Doctors only ordered a CT scan after Molly stopped breathing and became unresponsive twice. The tumor in her brain had grown so large by the time the scan was ordered that it destroyed her neurological function. She was declared brain dead just five days later. Her family chose to remove her from life support.

According to court documents, Molly had visited the hospital several times prior to being admitted to the emergency room. She was seen for headaches, vision problems, vomiting, and persistent nausea. Despite her continuing symptoms, doctors diagnosed Molly with migraines and sinusitis. Molly was prescribed anti-nausea medication.

Instead of ordering diagnostic testing, doctors, according to Molly’s family, diagnosed her with the most benign condition. The family’s attorney contends that during her trip to the emergency room, Molly was assumed by doctors to be faking it or exaggerating her symptoms before she was finally admitted.

The exact amount that the family is seeking as part of the lawsuit was not immediately known.

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