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College Football Player Sues College for Concussion Damage

Former Cal football safety Brandon Hicks has initiated a lawsuit against UC Berkeley and three of its regents alleging malpractice involving the prevention and treatment of concussions.

Hicks, who played for Cal from 2004 through 2008, suffered multiple concussions. The lawsuit alleges that the university failed to inform players of the long-term neurological diseases that have been linked to concussion and head injuries in players of sports such as football.

Hicks’ attorneys indicate that since, “The university is the players’ caretaker; we think it would be fair for them to at least inform the players what they’re getting themselves into.”

The lawsuit alleges that because of his injuries, Hicks has sustained “permanent and debilitating” neurological damage which has caused depression, suicidal thoughts, dizziness, memory loss, and neurological damage that has resulted in blurred and double vision.

In recent years, doctors have discovered the medical issues that surround head trauma from those who play in sports such as football. While everyone knows there is at least some risk, it is a reasonable expectation by any player and their loved ones that they should be made aware of potential issues that my result from playing such sports.

Many university sports teams have medical professionals on staff to treat players. They are liable to lawsuits like any other medical professional. If you believe that your sports injuries are causing long-term damage and your doctors aren’t doing anything about it, contact Bottar Leone for a free consultation.