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Chiropractor Pleads Guilty to Healthcare Fraud

A Nassau County, NY chiropractor has pleaded guilty to the charges of healthcare fraud and obstruction of a federal audit.

Dr. Melvin Cwibeker, owner of Mel Cwibeker DC, will pay both restitution and a $500,000 forfeiture. Cwibeker also faces a potential maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. He is due to be sentenced in early November.

According to court documents, Cwibeker and co-conspirators fraudulently billed Medicare in excess of $7 million for allegedly providing treatments for residents of assisted living facilities in 2006 -2012. Three chiropractors who are employed by Cwibeker have also pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud charges and were trained not to provide Medicare required patient care. Pretend patient records were created and sent to Medicare for payment.

Acting Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Kelly T. Currie said that, “Health care providers who falsely bill for care are on notice that they will face serious consequences.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Assistant Director-in-Charge, Diego Rodriguez said in a statement, “Financial crimes, like the ones allegedly committed by Dr. Cwibeker when he fictitiously billed Medicare for treatments not provided, may appear victimless. However, these crimes impact society, through rising costs and diminishing services provided. By allegedly profiting over $4.3 million through illegitimate claims, Dr. Cwibeker put greed above his license and patient care.”

The crime of health care fraud impacts everyone by stealing from government healthcare programs that we all pay for. The result of fraudulent claims is often intimately linked with the high price of health care in United States. The rights of patients are often overlooked leaving them and their families to pay higher premiums.

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