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Child in Australia Mistakenly Poisoned by Doctor

Fiona Stanly Hospital in Perth was the scene of a terrible mix-up involving a five-year-old girl. The mistake occurred in February, but the girl’s foster mother is just now speaking up because a second patient was given an incorrect dose of medication in August at the same hospital and died.

The girl and her family entered the hospital after the child suffered a gash to her leg. When the doctors attempted to stitch the wound, the child would not stop screaming. It was only when the girl was clearly in pain that she should not have felt did the doctors discover why: They had injected her with magnesium sulphate instead of a numbing anesthetic.

The foster mother says that every time the girl screamed, the doctors would give her another injection. Magnesium sulphate in high doses can cause the blood pressure to drop or spawn an asthma attack. The doctors kept insisting that there was no way she could feel her leg being stitched, assuming all the while that they had given her the correct medication.

The child suffered no ill effects from the medication, thankfully, and it is not clear whether or not her guardians filed a lawsuit on her behalf. One thing is certain: A child wrestling off of a table in pain because of a doctor’s error should never happen.

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