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Cervical Spine Surgery Leads to Lawsuit

A patient has filed a malpractice lawsuit against a doctor and two related health care businesses following a cervical spine surgery.

Rita Vazquez filed a lawsuit last month on September 21 in Cook County Circuit Court, Law Division. The lawsuit names Dr. Michel H. Malek, the Illinois Spine Institute and United Surgical Assistants Inc., also known as United Surgical Assistants Corp., as defendants. The plaintiff is alleging medical negligence.

According to court documents filed in Cook County, on September 22, 2011, Dr. Malek provided neurosurgical care for Vazquez for her complaints of neck pain at Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago by performing cervical spine surgery. While Vazquez was under Dr. Malek’s care, the suit alleges that Malek was negligent in multiple ways.

The plaintiff claims that Malek failed to protect vasculature and neurological structures at the time of the surgery from damage and excessive bleeding. The plaintiff alleges she sustained serious injuries including vascular injury, hemorrhage, nerve injury and continued bodily pain.

The plaintiff is seeking compensation of more than $50,000 for emotional distress, impaired ability to enjoy life, pain and suffering, plus lost time and wages.

Patients are right to expect excellence from their doctors and other healthcare professionals. Health care providers such as doctors and nurses are held to a set of standards just as any other professional is. Such standards of care insure that every patient gets the best care possible. When this is not provided to patients, that is when the services of an experienced malpractice attorney are essential.

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