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Boy Swallows Penny that Doctors Don’t Find

An 8-month-old infant was taken to a California hospital in June for a fever and a rash. Doctors said the boy had a viral infection. In reality, his symptoms weren’t indicative of a viral infection at all. Now the mother has filed a medical malpractice suit.

According to reports, Samantha Knox took her son to HealthCare Partners. She explained her concerns to doctors there, and Knox says her concerns were dismissed. Knox took her son back to the same hospital five or more times where providers questioned whether or not she was able to pay for the care her son was being given.

Knox finally decided to take her son to a different hospital, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, where doctors took an X-ray. It was discovered that the boy had a penny lodged in his esophagus. He was taken to Miller Children’s Hospital and the penny was removed.

Due to the penny’s corroded state, doctors estimated that it had been in his esophagus for approximately three weeks. It was the penny that caused his symptoms and ultimately caused two ulcers.

Knox filed a formal complaint with the original hospital, and her claim was denied. She was told that there was no evidence that the penny was present in the boy’s esophagus during her visits. She has now filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital.

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