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Botched Tracheostomy Leads to Award

A woman has been awarded nearly $2.8 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit after she had sustained injuries resulting from a 2009 surgery performed at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

According to court documents, Bonnie Semple, 56, was admitted to the hospital on March 26, 2009 for a lacerated liver after a traffic accident.

The attending trauma surgeon, Mohammed Budeir, performed a temporary tracheostomy on Semple on April 3, 2009. The lawsuit alleges that Budeir had made the tracheostomy incision too high, which caused permanent damage to her larynx and trachea. Semple must also have a permanent tube in her throat in order to breathe for the rest of her life.

Even though a very small percentage of physicians who practice medicine are responsible for the majority of malpractice lawsuits, patients need laws to protect them and their interests.

When seeking medical help, patients have a right to expect excellence from their doctors and other healthcare providers. Health care professionals such as doctors and nurses are held to a set of standards just as any other professional is. Such standards of care insure that every patient gets the best care possible. When this is not provided to patients, that is when the services of an experienced malpractice attorney are essential.

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