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Attorney Receives $20 Million Settlement in Medical Malpractice Case

Christopher Zinski, a former partner of the Schiff Hardin law firm, went to the hospital in late 2012 complaining of a painful and stiff neck, a headache, vomiting and disorientation. He was seen by a medical professional who knew his family. Attorneys for the Zinski family say that’s where the troubles began.

The physician assistant who knew the family brushed Zinski’s symptoms off as related to the heat. The patient was not treated further and sent home with pain medication. Zinski had no further issues during the week and went to work the following morning. At the end of the business day Monday, Zinski was found slumped over his desk.

After being transported to the hospital, it was discovered that Zinski was suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. His attorneys said that his symptoms that he had complained of the week before were a warning sign. Had he been administered a CT scan, doctors may have found the bleeding and could have prevented the stroke he eventually suffered.

Due to the stroke, Zinski has short-term memory loss. He can not acquire or store new information. He requires around the clock care. As a result of the stroke and its outcomes, Zinski is no longer able to practice law or maintain any other type of employment.

Attorneys for the family and those representing Central DuPage Hospital reached the settlement just before trial after speaking with the seated judge.

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