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$7.5 Million Awarded in Colon Surgery Case

A former Cumberland County couple has won over $7.5 million in damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit against Owen Drive Surgical Clinic of Fayetteville after complications from a colon surgery performed in June 2010.

A jury has awarded Melode Dickerson $7.24 million; $3.24 million in economic losses and $4 million for her suffering. Also awarded damages was her husband, Gregory Dickerson, who was awarded $300,000 for his loss of consortium with his wife.

According to documents filed with the court, the plaintiff alleged that surgeon Florias Andrew Morfesis of Owen Drive Surgical removed part of Melode Dickerson’s colon in June 2010 because it had a potentially cancerous mass. Tests later revealed that the mass was benign.

The lawsuit alleges that when Morfesis left a leak during the surgery that that caused dangerous abdominal infections.

Dickerson became severely ill with low blood pressure and kidney failure, as well as internal bleeding and consecutive infections that went over a period of several months.

Two additional surgeries did not reveal any sign of leakage from the original surgery. A later colonoscopy revealed a leak in October 2010. The leak was finally repaired after a fourth surgery. Additional intestinal issues were also addressed during the last surgery. The lawsuit contends that Dickerson still has chronic abdominal pain and other issues.

It is possible for medical professionals such as doctors or surgeons to make a mistake. Those mistakes can cause changes to the lives of patients and their families in ways that are permanent and can change the quality of life. Because medical malpractice cases are some of the most complex and technical of all personal injury lawsuits, having a lawyer who is both experienced in malpractice law and dedicated to the rights of patients and their families is essential.

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