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45-Year Term Upheld for Doctor

A doctor in Oakland County was previously sentenced to 45 years in prison for putting patients through treatments they didn’t need. He didn’t do this to just a few patients, according to court records, but hundreds. Dr. Farid Fata chose to appeal his sentence and a judge denied that appeal.

According to the appeal, Fata’s attorneys focused on the way that the sentencing guidelines were calculated. His attorney’s also questioned whether or not it was proper to allow the number of large number of victims to speak in court. The appeals court handed down a 3-0 decision that the doctor’s attorney’s arguments had no merit.

In 2014, Fata pleaded guilty to money laundering, fraud and conspiracy. According to prosecutors, there were 553 victims along with several insurance companies. Insurers and Medicare together paid out at least $17 million for treatments. Patients who were told that they had cancer and opted to undergo chemotherapy were given excessive treatments.

Fata, according to his own statemetns, was motivated by greed.

Stories such as this serve as a reminder that it is always important to question your doctor. If something does not seem right or there is something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek a second opinion.

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