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$30 Million Settlement One of Largest Ever

In 2011, a 6-year-old child suffered brain injury during an operation. His mother filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice and was awarded a $30 million settlement last week. The suit named Dr. Mark Holterman and Rush University Medical Center at fault in the child’s injury.

According to details of the case, Ezequiel Chavez was born with a leak in his esophagus. This non-life-threatening condition required surgery for repair. The baby’s care was transferred to Rush in late 2010.

In 2011, Holterman performed a surgical procedure on the child and severed his pulmonary artery. The risky and novel procedure was careless, according to the family’s attorney. The doctor demonstrated a lack of oversight. Holterman left Rush shortly after that surgery.

Another doctor on the team that performed the surgery on Ezequiel is currently involved in a controversy overseas for his surgical techniques. Holterman could not be reached for comment regarding the case or the settlement.

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