Widow Sues after Husband Died Twice at the Hospital


A widow has initiated a lawsuit against two Buffalo-area hospitals after the death of her husband.

According to court documents filed in Monroe County,. Tammy Cleveland says her husband, Michael, was still alive when an emergency room doctor declared him dead last year.

Cleveland claims in her suit that if the medical staff had listened to her at the time, her husband might have survived.

The lawsuit states that Michael Cleveland, 46, was at the grocery store last October when he had an apparent heart attack. Cleveland was taken to DeGraff Memorial Hospital where Dr. Gregory Perry pronounced him dead just minutes after his arrival. Michael’s wife, Tammy, was told of his passing when she arrived at the hospital.

Doctors informed Tammy Cleveland that although it might appear as if her husband was breathing, he really wasn’t. Even though Michael Cleveland turned to his wife and responded to her, and in spite of showing other signs of life, such as throwing his arm over his wife to try and hug her, the doctor insisted that Michael Cleveland had passed on.

Tammy says the doctor never checked Michael’s vital signs until more than two hours after he had been declared dead.

“He actually stepped forward and put a stethoscope to his neck and said, ‘my god, he’s got a pulse’,” she recalls.

Michael Cleveland was transferred to Buffalo General Medical Center early the next morning where he was pronounced dead a second time.

Attorney for the Cleveland’s said that Michael Cleveland went into respiratory failure after a collapsed lung, possibly caused by a bystander’s efforts at CPR. Cleveland went too long without medical care and did not survive the heart attack.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for February 2016.

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