VA Sued for Medical Mapractice


5490413146_b08d8bcfc4_bVA hospitals around the country have been letting unqualified professionals determine if veterans had brain damage. Now, some vets are getting the chance at a second opinion and one vet in Missouri is suing the VA.

Rick Radford came home a different person than he was when he went to Iraq. A car bomb went off near the soldier and the blast caused him to hit his head. Redford was knocked unconscious and awoke bleeding. Today, he experiences chronic headaches, memory loss and insomnia.

Redford turned to the VA for help when he got home and, during an initial exam, it was noted that his symptoms were likely the cause of a traumatic brain injury. Because TBI is difficult to diagnose correctly, Redford needed a specialized exam. He was given that exam by an intern.

An intern is the person who decided that Redford was not injured.

Redford didn’t take the lack of diagnosis sitting down. He sought at outside opinion and was properly diagnosed. Now, unable to work and still trying to get back some of the person he was before his injury, Redford is suing the VA for medical malpractice.

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