Mistrial in Florida Medical Malpractice Case


The family of a former Wellington, Florida woman filed a lawsuit against a hospital in West Palm Beach alleging that the woman was sent into a vegetative state four years ago following treatment. A mistrial was recently granted after the jury was unable to come to an agreement about what would have been a multi-million dollar verdict.

According to the original filing, a woman suffered a brain hemorrhage. Medical professionals at Jupiter Medical Center determined it was in the woman’s best interest to have her transferred to St. Mary’s, a hospital better equipped to handle the woman’s emergency.

The family argued that the blood loss would not have occurred if the original hospital had the right equipment. The woman lost a liter of blood during her surgery leading to what the family called cascading events that ultimately led to the woman being left in a permanent vegetative state.

The woman’s ex-husband, who is her caretaker, and his attorneys asked for the millions to be awarded so that he could care for his now ex-wife at home. One juror held out, refusing to agree with five other people who believed the hospital was at fault for the woman’s current medical state. That juror said that he didn’t believe that the plaintiff had proven exactly what had caused the woman’s injuries.

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