Judge Refuses to Seal Huge Verdict


ER_room_after_a_traumaIn 2009, a mother lost her twins. Jo Ann Page of Archbald, Pennsylvania ultimately filed suit against Physicians Health Alliance of Carbondale, Francis Hamm, M.D., Michael J. Kush, M.D., and Moses Taylor Hospital. In what ordinarily would have been kept in the closet, a judge disclosed the amount of the recent settlement.

Defense attorneys argued that telling the public how much Page would be given would discourage medical professionals and hospitals from settling in the future. The judge did not agree. Lackawanna County Judge Terrence Nealon let the public in on the settlement amount: $4.25 million.

Page’s attorneys argued that doctors failed to monitor her preeclampsia. Page suffered a seizure and the placenta carrying the twins detached from her womb. As a result, twins Kylee and Chloe, were delivered stillborn at 33.4 weeks’ gestation.

Attorney Matt Casey and his law firm are to be given 40 percent of the settlement. Page will receive the balance and will give the twins’ father, Charles Dottle, 35 percent of her share.

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