Cardiologists Pay $2.4 Million in Heart Malpractice Case


images (42)A Superior Court Jury has ordered two cardiologists to pay the widow of a man more than $2.4 million. The jury in the case deliberated for three days before determining that Dr. Kevin Lenhart and his partner, Dr. Charles Landau of Connecticut Heart & Vascular Center had been negligent in the treatment of Wesley Wirth, 61. The mis-diagnosis resulted in Wirth’s death.

Court documents of testimony during the trial indicate that on May 12, 2008, Wirth was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center after complaining of chest pain and dizziness. The emergency room physician consulted with Lenhart, Wirth’s physician and determined that Wirth’s EKG was normal.

Wirth discharged himself from the hospital only to return a few hours later, again complaining of chest pain. Again, it was determined by Lenhart that the results of a stress test performed on Wirth were “unremarkable.”

Wirth was discharged from the hospital with a prescription for acid reflux medication and told to have a follow-up exam with Lenhart in four weeks.

On May 30, 2009, Wirth, according to his wife, passed out and turned blue. He was transported by ambulance to Griffin Hospital where he was pronounced dead as the result of a heart attack.

The lawsuit alleged that both Dr. Lenhart and Dr. Landau, incorrectly interpreted Wirth’s EKG and stress test results and failed to order further tests performed that would have shown that Wirth’s heart attack was imminent without proper treatment.

When a patient entrusts their care to a physician, they never expect that their doctor or health care provider could make a mistake. Even though we expect doctors to have a certain level of expertise, mistakes can be made and things can go wrong. That’s the time you want an attorney who specializes in this complicated area of personal injury law.

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