How to Avoid a Cesarean Section


baby-442500_960_720Cesarean births are not without their risk. C-sections are much more risky than natural births as they are a surgical procedure. While some cannot be avoided, as in cases where the mother’s or child’s life is in danger, some medical providers rush to judgement too quickly, performing C-sections that are unnecessary. Here are five tips to help you avoid a first-time c-section.

1. Choose Your Doctor Wisely

You want to be very careful when choosing your OB/GYN for a variety of reasons. Your health, your child’s health and your successful birthing process are all great reasons to be picky when it comes to your doctor. Before you make a final choice, find out about the provider’s c-section rate. If it is high, you may want to continue your search.

2. Take a Childbirth Class

Sign up for an independent childbirth class. You do not have to take a class that is offered by your medical care provider’s employer. Independent courses are typically more in-depth with more interaction. A good instructor will help you get to know and trust your body.

3. Avoid Induction

Avoid being induced if at all possible. Studies have shown that being induced doubles your chances of a c-section. While there are some instances where induction cannot be avoided, there are many instances when it can.

4. Stay Home

If you are planning a hospital birth, stay home until you are in strong, active labor. Your childbirth instructor will teach you how to recognize the signs, allowing you to better determine when you should really be heading to the hospital. The longer you are at the hospital, the higher your chances for c-section.

5. Avoid an Epidural

You don’t have to forego the epidural altogether, but try to not accept one early in labor. There will come a time when an epidural cannot be given due to the stage in your labor, but a good medical professional knows when it is too early and when it is too late.

If you believe that you were given a c-section that could have been avoided and your child’s or your health suffered as a result, contact our office. We will provide you with a free case evaluation and advise you of your options. Call today.

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