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UK Woman Gives Birth to Son She Was Told Would be Stillborn

Imagine being told that your baby was going to be born dead. Many women have gone through this heartbreak and understand just how devastating it is. To be told your baby will be born dead and then to hear a tiny breath after it is delivered is a roller coaster ride that no mom should have to go through, but it is exactly what happened in the UK.

Sam Pothecary was lying on an operating table in 2012 when doctors told her they could no longer hear her baby’s heartbeat. The would not continue with her c-section, and she should prepare to deliver her stillborn child naturally. A day later, Pothecary delivered her child. His lifeless body was given to her and Pothecary heard a tiny gasp.

As soon as medical professionals realized Archie was alive, they rushed him to intensive care. Pothecary had been given high doses of pain control and other medications, any of which could have caused serious side effects in the child. There was another risk: Archie may have been starved for oxygen, and he may have been born with brain damage.

It took three years of growth and the reaching of milestones before doctors were certain that Archie had not suffered any birth defects despite the care given to his mother. Today, he is a happy, healthy four-year-old boy starting school for the first time.

The family spoke about the incident publicly for the first time last month. After the ordeal, they brought a lawsuit against the hospital and were compensated. Despite receiving compensation and an apology from the hospital, Pothecary and her husband are still left wondering why the mistake was made. To date, there has been no explanation given to the couple.

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