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Settlements Reached in Michigan Medical Malpractice Case

A major settlement was approved in Oakland County Circuit Court on July 20. The patients who filed suit against three hospitals in the state along with oncologist Farid Fata will share a settlement that totals $8 million.

Fata was accused and found guilty of intentionally misdiagnosing or mistreating patients. He is currently in prison, serving a 45-year federal sentence. Fata told patients that they had cancer in order to obtain millions from different insurance companies. The patients that he misdiagnosed underwent unnecessary chemotherapy treatments.

The doctor pleaded guilty two years ago to several charges including conspiracy, fraud and money laundering. As part of his sentence, his assets were to be liquidated in order to make restitution.

One of the attorneys for some people filing the lawsuit said that Fata carried insurance premiums with low limits per claim. This meant that the victims would never receive fair compensation.

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