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Rex Morgan’s Widow Suing Lab for Malpractice

Rex Morgan, the iconic Jacksonville basketball icon, died of oral cancer last month. According to his widow Kathleen, his death was preventable. She has filed a lawsuit against Quest Diagnostics to prove it.

According to records, Morgan was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. The cancer was located in Morgan’s tonsils, and the man underwent treatment. Just a year later, in November, a tongue biopsy performed by Quest Diagnostics showed no malignancy in a tongue biopsy sample.

In 2013, a second biopsy detected cancer. It was at that time that Morgan asked a different doctor to look at the samples submitted in 2011. That doctor found that those samples had indeed been cancerous. Aggressive treatment was started immediately following the 2013 biopsy but, by then, it was too late.

According to family attorney Seth Pajcic, because the pathology report failed to detect cancer, Morgan did not begin treatment that could have been lifesaving. Instead, Morgan went two years without treatment for the cancer he didn’t know was present. It was Morgan’s wish for a lawsuit, said his widow.

The suit is in its first phases and Quest Diagnostics has refused to comment. Named in the suit along with the lab is Guo-Zhao Yao, the employee who determined that there was no malignancy in the 2011 sample.

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