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New York Malpractice & Injury Lawyer Blog


Doctor Fails to Hire Attorney in Medical Malpractice Case

For a court case to be successful, both sides are typically represented by attorneys. The plaintiff’s attorney files the suit, naming one or more parties, and those persons hire defense attorneys. Such was not what occurred in a recent medical malpractice case in South Dakota. According to reports, a man…


Patients Put at Risk in Favor of Education?

Restrictions for young doctors in training were put in place in 2011. Those restrictions included not allowing residents to work more than 16-hours at a time. The restrictions were put in place because there was evidence that exhausted residents were putting themselves and their patients in danger. Today, those restrictions…


Ways to Protect Yourself from Medical Error

It stands to reason that anyone visiting a doctor’s office or hospital expects to be treated with a certain standard of care. People assume that doctors and nurses know how to perform their jobs competently, and that they will receive accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Unfortunately, people are harmed by…