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Malpractice Suit in Spinal Surgery Case

A patient from Cook County has brought suit against a hospital and health care professionals alleging that he was mistreated while in their care.

Luis Gonzalez filed a lawsuit on August 17th in Cook County Circuit Court against Ingalls Memorial Hospital and Health Systems. Also named as defendants in the case are Dr. Bimal Shah and Harvey Anesthesiologists. Gonzalez’ suit is alleging both negligence and medical malpractice.

According to documents filed with the Court, on August 14, 2013, Gonzalez suffered medical malpractice while he was in the care of Dr. Shah and others at Ingalls Memorial Hospital. Gonzalez alleges that he became unresponsive and went into respiratory arrest after having a decompression laminectomy and excision of a herniated disc.

Gonzalez is seeking both damages and legal costs of an unspecified amount.

Of course there are always risks connected to any given medical procedure. However, whenever a patient entrusts their health and care to the hands of a physician or other healthcare professional, there is a reasonable expectation that beyond the acceptable risks that any procedure has connected to it, there is a certain standard of care that will always be provided no matter what. Even in the best of circumstances, however, things can go wrong. It takes an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to know how to best represent clients in the complex area of malpractice and medical negligence law.

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