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Family Sues Hospital after Death by Seizures

The family of a Fort Worth mother who died after experiencing three seizures has filed suit against the hospital where she was first taken for treatment.

The family of Kristy Stingley, 32, is seeking monetary damages topping $1,000,000. Their lawsuit alleges that Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, an ER doctor and a neurologist are all to be held accountable in a number of multiple medical malpractice errors that led to the death of Kristy Stingley.

The suit states that Kristy Stingley suffered a seizure on December 14, 2013 while she was at home. Stingley’s husband, Jeff, called 911. She was transported by ambulance to Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital where a CT scan showed blood on Kristy Stingley’s brain. Doctors diagnosed Stingley’s condition as a sinus infection and migraine caused by work-related stress. Stingley was released and sent home with medication.

Later in the afternoon of December 14, Kristy Stingley suffered a second seizure. She was taken by ambulance to a second hospital in Fort Worth. While being transported, she suffered a third seizure.

The third seizure rendered Kristy Stingley brain-dead.

She was taken off of life support on December 15, 2013.

In the state of Texas, the Stingley family faces very tough tort reform laws in the country. The burden of proof of medical malpractice on the part of plaintiffs is high, but their attorney, Les Weisbrod believes that “conscious indifference” in this case can be proved because of the evidence of blood on the brain that is clearly shown on the film.

Every year, according to the National Institute of Health, there are more than 255,000 patient deaths due to medical malpractice. As in the case of Kristy Stingley, many of these deaths were completely preventable but because of a failure by a physician or other health care professional, medical malpractice or medical negligence cost that patient their life.

Because medical malpractice claims filed against a doctor or hospital is a complicated area of law, such cases require legal professionals that have experience in this specialized area of law.

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